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Office 365 Apps

Project Management

  • Track and manage projects data with fields that are important to you.

  • Easily manage project or client details with quick access.

  • Changes will be seen immediately across your organization keeping your staff informed with the most current details.

Custom Business Applications

How can your business benefit from a custom application using a world class suite of services? Leverage business processes and empower your staff with modern tools. Customized mobile applications can run on Android or iPhone, as well as Mac and PC. Integrate with services like Twitter to automate communication and keep employees informed.

  • Maintain current information on your employees.

  • Quickly access contact data and send messages or make calls from within the app.

  • Send messages to multiple employees, such as newsletters or announcements.

  • Get notified when an employee reaches specific milestones set by your organization.

  • The app scales as your business grows to handle any number of employees yo may want to manage.

Employee Management

Time Management

  • Time is money and should be tracked with just as much scrutiny.

  • Keep track of the hours your employees work.

  • Eliminate pen and paper time entries.

  • Ensure accuracy and readability.

Data Collection

  • Collect the data that matters to you.

  • Specify your own fields for a custom experience.

  • Dynamic drop down menus allow for specific data collection.

  • Ensure employees see only the fields you grant access to.

Multiple Entries

  • Insert multiple entries quickly and easily.

  • Clarity keeps employees from making mistakes.

  • Verify the data before final submission.

Visualize Your Data

  • Real time data can be displayed in familiar, easy to read formats.

  • Instant access to aggregated data.

  • See where your resources are being allocated and take action with accurate data.

  • Export data to Excel or a file ready to be imported into QuickBooks.

  • Send data to colleagues without having to leave the app.

Mobile business applications

A custom business application can make any business thrive. Deep insight and heavy integration allows you to collect data fro familiar sources and leverage that data into business processes. Make informed decisions with the most accurate information. Automate tasks that keep you from focusing on your actual work.​ Your logo, colors, and branding can be integrated for a seamless experience within your organization.

Industries and Uses

  • Service

  • Retail

  • Inventory

  • Contact Management

  • Project Management

  • Time Sheet Entry

  • Automation

  • Accounting

  • Record Keeping

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